Angel Pastor
Angel Pastor (Barcelona, 1957) received a degree in Art History at Barcelona University with specialization in 20th century art. Started research in Performance Art that brought him to contact the scene of performance art in Barcelona in the late 90's, where Performance was called "Action" and was closely related to conceptual art and experimental poetry. He has been working in different directions, keeping performance art as a space for freedom, experiment and sometimes therapy. Pastor presents his first solo performance "F.O.C." in 1996. Since then he has worked in all sort of events (Festivals, meetings, galleries, clubs) in Spain, Europe and America. . Coofunder of Club8 and coorganizer of eBent International Festival of Performance Art in Barcelona years 2001-2002. As member of ZAI promoted diverse Performance events in Barcelona . Since 2004 he has fixed his residence in Krakow (Poland)

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