BBB Johannes Deimling
Frankfurter Allee 17 + D – 10247 Berlin
Wielkokacka 10/45 + PL – 81611 Gdynia
www.bbbjohannesdeimling.deBBB Johannes Deimling was born 1969 in Andernach at the river Rhein. He presents since 1988 international his acted images (agierte Bilder), that he creates with the artistical media of the performance. These life images (agierte Bilder) first exists as a concept, as an idea. Without previous practise the actions will be carry out in the moment of the public presentation. This process is similar for example to painting in which the brush leaves its tracks on the canvas. The temporary image remains in the rememberings of the audience.
His ideas and suggestions Deimling finds in the banality of the everday life. Themes like patience, will, success, war, religion and locomotion the artist transforms into physical actions – in acted images (agierte Bilder). This term he uses also for his videoworks and performativ drawings.
For BBB Johannes Deimlings opinion there is no other artistic media exsiting that is more immediate, more communicative and more actual like the art performance. Performance is a radicalized process, that combines the creation of an art work, its presentation, the effect, the reception and the reflection. This is a value, that relates more to the field of life than to the museal meaning of art.
1992 Deimling finished pedagogics studies in Cologne. The combination of performative art and pedagogics is for Deimling an interesting working subject, because it can touch many fields of everyday life and help to understand complexe situations and theories. The transformative power of performancepedagogics (Deimling, 2000) is a perfect connecting link between different medias. A contact- and communicationmodule: from a spoken word to a digital note.
Since 1999 BBB Johannes Deimling developed the teaching concept for performance art ”TOOLS-and how to use them“. TOOLS do research on the field of performance-art and looks for processes, which suits to artistic education and are also effective for the personal developement of young peoples. The contents of the studies includes nearly all tools and workingfields of performance artists. TOOLS arranges also basics for the presentation for an own performance for peoples that have scarcely or no knowledge about contemporary art.
Deimling works since 1999 as a teacher at the F+F, school for art and media design in Zürich, Switzerland and since 2004 as a teacher at the interdisciplinary art department of the art academy in Tallinn in Estonia. He gives international wide workshops, lectures and is publishing texts about this subject.
BBB Johannes Deimling is also working as a curator and a contacter. 1998 he organized a.o. the 6th Performance-Art Conference OHNE STROM (unplugged) at the Neuen Berliner Kunstverein. Since 2000 he realized different Performance Art Events, a.o. private impact in Szczecin and Port Performance in Gdañsk, Poland.
In cooperation with SAMISDAT he publish since 1996 various documentations about performance-artists and –festivals, as well as workingbrochures for teachers and dozents. Since 2006 he gives out the Performance Art Information List PAIL, a collection of websites of organisations, artists and festivals related to performance-art.
agierte Bilder / Performance (selection)
2006 Trust, Duo with A. Fojtuch, Z˛imno (the Cold) Festival, PL-Gdañsk
NIEWOLA, Duo with A. Fojtuch, Love Art Festival, PL-Gdañsk
2005 Jaka Milosc Taka Sztuka, diploma Performance by A. Fojtuch, Laznia, PL-Gdañsk and Motorenhalle, D-Dresden
Heart Attack, Performance Perimeters Symposium, CDN-Regina
aus heiterem Himmel, Blanc #7, Palast der Republik, D-Berlin
Headline, trilogy image 2, Szyperska Gallery, PL-Poznañ
Wola, Cia?o Festival, PL-Katowice
KANNATLIKKUS, Vaal Galerii, EST-Tallinn
Headline, trilogy image 1, art hall, EST-Tallinn
TAXI libre, project MORE LIGHT!, CU-La Habana
2004 Hope + Glory 2, Life Art Festival, EST-Viinistu
Das Leben ist schön, innerspaces Gallery, PL-Poznañ
Words don´t come easy, trilogy, PL-Ustka, Kraków, Bielsko-Bia?a
success, Kunstverein, D-Gütersloh
Tahe, Estonian Art Academy, EST-Tallinn
2003 Haifa / Eines schönen Tages, Podewil, D-Berlin
Wille, 5th Baltic Biennale, PL-Szczecin
Nicht mit mir, Kunstverein, D-Gütersloh
gezwungenermaßen, Gallery Schafschetzy, AU-Graz
Unter diesem Gesichtspunkt, rencontres int., F-Paris
2002 Eine kleine Kunstkritik, Gallery art international, CH-Gstaad
Haut ab, Kunstverein, D-Trier
Cover Your Tracks VI+VII, circles, D-Münster
Cover Your Tracks VIII+IX, stadtraum()privatraum, D-Mannheim
2001 a war peace, National Museum, PL-Szczecin
Medien Mythen Märchen, 4th Baltic Biennale, PL-Szczecin
verkehrsberuhigte Zone, base.ment, D-München
Salt Dancer, F+F, CH-Zürich
2000 Gesicht verlieren, ICA, GB-London
Hand aufs Herz, 5th int. Performanceday, CH-Giswil
Dornrose, Ifficial Art, D-Köln
Underground, Rote Fabrik, CH-Zürich
TOOLS – and how to use them (selection)
studies / workshop / lecture / project
2006 TOOLS-PROJEKT „short cuts“, Estonian Art Academy, EST-Tallinn
Performances with students of the F+F Zürich, artforum, CH-Stallikon
2005 Notes on Performance Art, lecture, center for contemporary arts Laznia, PL-Gdansk
Notes on Performance Art, lecture, University of Regina, CDN-Regina
eigene Leistung, lecture, technical university, D-Dresden
TOOLS-PROJEKT „crosswords“, Estonian Art Academy, EST-Tallinn
TOOLS, Projektbegleitseminar, Highschool, D-Potsdam
TOOLS – and how to use them, Facultad de bellas artes, Universidad Politécnica, ESP-Valencia
2004 TOOLS – and how to use them, workshop, art_school, D-Berlin
TOOLS PROJEKT „Dictionary“, in the project “More Light!”, D-Brandeburg a.d. Havel, F-Yvry sur Seine, PL-Poznan, accompained by the highschool Potsdam
TOOLS PROJEKT “Slowmotion”, Estonian Art Academy, EST-Tallinn
TOOLS – and how to use them, workshop, OFFicyna, PL-Szczecin
2003 TOOLS PROJEKT „Hautaufgaben“ , performance projects with young peoples presented in the Gallery for young art, D-Trier and in the Gallery andreas engler, D-Berlin.
2002 TOOLS - and how to use them, workshop, free artschool, D-Mannheim
sprechende Körper, lecture, highschool, D-Ottersberg
TOOLS PROJEKT “Cover Your Tracks”, Paulinum Gymnasium, D-Münster
2001 TOOLS PROJEKT „Weltenbilder Bilderwelten“, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, D-Trier
since 1999 as part of the studies „Performance“, F+F, school for art and mediadesign, CH-Zürich, together with Franz Gratwohl
lectures (selection)
- Notes on Performance Art, european performance art - introduced by 15 actual examples of european artists between 2000 – 2005, a.o. with Alexandra Gneissl, Ania Kalwajtis, Franz Gratwohl, Villu Plink, Adva Drori, Anja Ibsch, Jaan Toomik, Jochen Wüstenfeld & Thomas Werner, Antoni Karwowski, Angelika Fojtuch, ...
- own achievement, learning action art. teaching action art. with examples of excercises
- Zloty Polska – golden poland, Views into the polish performance art scene since 2000, with examples of artists, festivals and structures.
- performancepedagogics, possibilities of performative art to simplify pedagogic aims and to reach them more easier.
- Dance like nobody is watching you, Dance in Performance art, with examples of international artists
documentation (selection)
documentations in private and public collections
Perforum, CH-Pfäffikon
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, D-Berlin
arthall, EST-Tallinn
dok*face, CH-Zürich
Museum of new art, USA-Detroit
National Museum, PL-Szczecin
Archiv Antonio Sassu, I-Torreglia
Archiv Pietro Pellini, D-Köln
Schauwerk, Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell, CH-Torgen
Inport, Videoarchiv, EST-Tallinn
publications (selection)
2006: DVD Edition Art_Clpis, ZKM Karlsruhe, Hatje Cantz Verlag
published by SAMISDAT
catalogues and brochures
2005: Bawarka, brochure, 16 pages, b/w
2003: geradeaus, catalogue, 128 pages, colour
1998: Werkzeug, catalogue, 64 pages, b/w
1992: mindestens haltbar bis, brochure, 32 pages, b/w
videos and videodocumentations – DVD
2006, the cold heart, loop
2006, Jaka Mi?os´c´ Taka Sztuka, 10.34 Min.
2006, face to face, 5 Min.
2005, Trautes Heim Glück allein, 9.32 Min.
2005, Kreuzworträtsel, 8.40 Min.
2005, Tahe / Will / Wille , 25.51 Min.
2005, Taxi libre, 11.39 Min.
2005, Kannatlikkus, 8.02 Min.
2005, Schwimmhilfe, 3.54 Min.
2005, der große Teich, 5.49 Min.
2004, 3⁄4 Takt, 1.33 Min.
2004, BREAD OR ALIVE, 9.27 Min.
2004, Wörterbuch, 13.05 Min.
2004, Words don´t come easy, 28.18 Min.
2004, success, 1.47 Min.
2004, Karfreitag, 1.15 Min.
2003, Haifa / Eines schönen Tages, 8.41 Min.
2003, Blanc, 18 Min.
2003, private impact, festival documentation, 23 Min.
2002, …bis einer heult, 7.12 Min.
2001, saltdancer, 4.20 Min.