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“Caidas”(Falls) Angel Pastor


This project appeared when I was simulating a “fall” in my studio. Mi Action Art project “Caidas 2006” ( Falls 2006) develops trough dynamics of falling and rising (getting up). It will have continuity in 2008.

Emerged from a personal and anecdotal research has been to condense multiple levels or lines, on my interest on both theoretical and practical "action."

The action consisting of two parts "to fall" and "to get up" fascinates me, brings me to an analysis that connects with some of my latest work, a dialectic between "action" and "no-action" between " presentation" and "representation"

Is the action of "falling" an action or a non-action? To get up could be the action to remove the non-action of falling so: an-anti-no-action and we could get to feel a kind of vertigo, absence or void of meaning.

In its practice as "performance", the "fall", directly relates me to the place in a physical and obvious way. This is recorded in a video, thereby creating an image of it that travels with me, which is testimony and that will allow other reading when placed within the “series” of falls, which finally becomes almost a series of sites. The sense and / or significance is going to shift to the place "real", well... now "virtual" as it is displayed in the video presented in the course of my "performance" in the place of "art." “Falls” are vanishing and being nearly the same, but they are not, as has happened in different places and times (what we see is a record).

The "fall" can not fail to resonate like an "accident", to something that should not happen, although in this case is not at all accidental in the Catastrophic sense and yes the random, almost casual, choice of place whet to “fall”. My presence depends or depended on the prior accident that I've been invited to that event and thus I passed by that city. The choice of environments or sites respond to different reasons, some obvious by the "importance" of the site and others for a personal relationship that I set in my stay in the population.

Until then my attitude was more “a search of the action according to the context, a specific action depending on where it was going to happen, now happens a fundamental shift because it is "action looking for a context" a action that allows me, above all to relate to a new context and a new audience. I am talking about "dejarme caer por ..." (dropping into...).

When the opportunity to participate in an event in Mexico City, I raised the question of how to present this project happening in one continuous movement (fall-1, fall-2, fall-3,..., fall(n-1), fall-n ... ) in front of an audience in a defined area. Then I developed a process that begins with a tour or “deriva”  where I do and I record the "falls", I edit minimally a video format succession, which I project onto a screen during the "presentation". Until now there has been 9 times (see videos).

The presentation will consist of 3 parts. Part 1 - I began a lecture format chat with the audience where I introduce myself , I introduce the project  and  I analyze some of its aspects. Part 2- the video display. Part 3- "fall" in the place where the presentation and I adapt it to different circumstances (to be amended each time).

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